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I will be performing Come To Me (Now That I’m Back) at Movement Research Open Studios in New York on January 28, 2020.

Buzz was selected to perform at the Mark DeGarmo Studio in New York on April 2, 2020.

August/September, 2019

Buzz: improvisational duets for dance and saxophone with Jorrit Dijkstra will be presented by the Dance Complex in Ten Tiny Dances®!

September 13, 14, at 8 pm, September 15 at 7.

For tickets, visit:

I am back at work on my solo, Come To Me! Creating my own residencies for choreographic research and development in Pennsylvania with the great Grace Mi-He Lee as host and dramaturge, and dear David Brick from Headlong Dance Theater. In August, I head to Berlin to soak up as much dance as possible at the Tanz Im August festival.

I’m developing classes, workshops, and lecture/demonstrations to be able to bring my dance work to more audiences.

Received the honor to perform at Movement Research’s Open Studios showing on January 28, 2020!

June 22 & 23, 2019 Debut of my newest solo, Come To Me, as part of Dance Complex’s aMaSSiT program in Cambridge, MA. Tickets are available Here.

Choreographed, Voiced, and Performed by Jessica Roseman

Dramaturgy: Grace Mi-He Lee

Sound engineering: Jorrit Dijkstra & Jessica Roseman

This structured improvisational dance is an intimate, abstract canvas where space and time may broaden. Come To Me exorcises Jessica’s personal bodily history, while weaving a newly imagined experience. Viewers are invited to shape their own perception and understanding of the piece through the guidance of its original sound score. Come to Me was initially developed and performed in residency at Atlantic Center for the Arts, and through the aMaSSiT program.

July 13, 2019 Buzz performs in ArtBeat Festival, Somerville Theater! Information Here.

May & June, 2019:

May 24, 2019 Buzz was presented at Constellation in Chicago. Information Here.

June 8, 2019 Buzz performed in the Driff Music Festival! 7:30pm - 1 am, The Lilypad, Inman Square, MA

April, 2019:

While in Residency at Atlantic Center for the Arts last month, I started research for the Pleasure Project, a new inquiry. I’m curious as to how people make themselves feel good - what sounds, colors, foods, environments make them feel best? How do people know physically when they’re feeling amazing? I gave out questionnaires, and interviewed several associate artists, asking them for detailed responses as to what makes them feel great, excited, soothed. The interviews Hurley Winkler, sound engineer extraordinaire, and I recorded were electric! Such exciting insights as to how people get to and respond to their happy places. I can’t help but smile during my editing process. I am culling a sound score, more to come as the track becomes cohesive.

I’m continuing work on Come To Me, my newest solo. I’m playing with puzzle pieces of stories of my physical experience, real and imagined. I’m investigating how to tell a vulnerable story of love and loss by fragmenting and abstracting it, so only a shadow of the sentiment remains. It’s a play on audience’s perception of inexplicit information. Grace Mi He Lee has been instrumental in coaching me along, and sharing showings with my fellow aMaSSiT choreographers has been invaluable!

March, 2019:

I’m developing a new solo, with dramaturgy by Grace Mi-He Lee! I first performed Come To Me at Atlantic Center for the Arts as a work in progress. I received valuable feedback from fellow artists in residence, and was inspired to take new directions in my choreographic process. The piece is an intimate canvas that deeply taps into sources of inner transformation.

February, 2019:

I’m honored to be accepted to participate in Deborah Hay’s Master Artist residency the Atlantic Center for the Arts this February and March in New Smyrna, Florida. For 3 weeks, I will be generating new dance material, collaborating with 20 other fellow artists, and studying with Deborah.

Additionally, I am participating in the Dance Complex program, aMaSSiT, workshopping choreographic skills.


Buzz Buzz, Jessica Roseman and Jorrit Dijkstra Performed at Susan Lourie's Celebration, Wesleyan University CFA Theater Middletown, CT April, 2018

Performed in Tiny & Short: A Drop in the Bucket, Presented by The Dance Complex,

September 16, 2018, Cambridge, MA

Improvised duet with Jessica Roseman and Jorrit Dijkstra February 14, 2018 The Lilypad, Cambridge, MA